Front Load Containers in Metro Detroit

Commercial Dumpster Rental Service

For any business or organization that is producing trash, a front load dumpster rental is oftentimes the ideal solution for your waste disposal needs.


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Generating more trash and disposables than a residential home or facility, your business has a unique opportunity to utilize commercial dumpster rental services to facilitate the efficient removal of trash, freeing up your team to focus on your business at hand.

Our front load dumpsters provide a convenient place for you, your employees, and your customers to dispose of trash and help culminate a sanitary environment. Protect the health & wellness of your employees and customers while ensuring an inviting and safe atmosphere with One Source Waste Management front load container solutions.

Who Can Benefit from a Commercial Front Load Container?

Office buildings


Grocery Stores

Retail Stores

Shopping Centers


Apartment Complexes

Pet Stores



Liquor Stores

Emergency Clinics

Virtually All Commercial Businesses

Commercial Dumpster Rental Options in Metro Detroit

Front load container rentals are available in 2-, 4-, 6-, and 8-yard size options. Our expert team is happy to help you determine the best size front load container for your commercial property.

Determining the Best Size Front Load Container for Your Waste Management Needs

2-Yard Front Load Container Option

While front-load containers of all sizes offer a smaller footprint than other disposal options, the 2-yard container is our smallest and most compact container available.

This container is ideal for small facilities that accumulate up to 24 regular trash bags of waste per load.

4-Yard Front Load Container Option

A 4-yard container is a popular choice for a small to mid-sized office building. This option can accumulate up to 48 regular trash bags of waste between each pick up.

Keep in mind: for general retail and office business users front load containers are the best option 90% of the time. In the event that your business is producing extremely high volumes of waste or are disposing of larger bulkier items, a compactor or a standing roll off container may be a better solution.

Unsure? We can help!

6-Yard Front Load Container Option

The 6-yard container option is one that is often inquired about. With capacity for approximately 72 regular sized trash bags per load, this dumpster is good for users that generate a mid to high volume of trash. It is the second largest size offered for weekly trash service and is capable of being serviced up to 6 times per week.

8-Yard Front Load Container Option

Ideal for retail and hospitality industries, our largest container option has capacity to hold up to 96 regular sized trash bags between pickups. This commercial dumpster rental option is also a cheaper solution for many clients that require a larger container with fewer pickups per week.

Is a 6-Yard container or an 8-Yard container better for my business? Contact Us!

Your One Source Front Load Container Solution in Metro Detroit

If your business has a need for trash disposal, One Source Waste Management is here to help! Whether it is boxes, food waste, office supplies, general office use, retail customer waste, or recyclables, our expert team is here to provide you with the ideal solution.

Front load containers can be serviced up to 6 days per week and the variety of sizes allow you and your business to customize the service to match your needs.

There are no hidden fees or increases that show up after the first few months of service. If there are any issues or problems with service, we invite you to call us directly and speak to a real person to resolve them.

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For consistent service you can count on, call One Source Waste Management today. Our expert representatives will walk you through the best option for your front load container rental and provide all the details about our contracts. We believe in transparency and communication in our terms of service, and pricing. Get started today.



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