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Trash Compactors

Commercial Trash Compactor Services

Commercial Grade Horizontal and Vertical Compactors

Commercial trash compactors can be a cost-effective choice for industrial service providers. Mainly utilized by grocery stores and large retail providers, industrial compactors are a great option for businesses that produce an amount of waste that exceeds the maximum service their location is capable of handling.


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Commercial Trash Compactor Services in Metro Detroit

Cost of waste management is mainly dependent on the frequency of pick up. When compacted, an 8-yard container can hold an equivalent of 24-yards of waste. This efficient solution requires fewer pickups and will soon pay for itself!

Would your Metro Detroit business benefit from a commercial trash compactor? Our expert team can help you determine the best solution for your waste management needs. Give us a call today.

Is a Trash Compactor Service the Right Choice for My Business?

When determining if a compactor service makes sense for your company, you will need to inventory the type of waste that will be disposed of within the system. If your business produces general trash that would be common for office buildings, restaurants, shopping center tenants, etc. a trash compactor may be a solution for you. Businesses that dispose of a lot of paper, cardboard, plastic, and other general items are ideal candidates for a compactor system.

Companies that dispose of liquid and wet items will find that compactors are not the ideal service for their location. Please also keep in mind that construction debris and materials are not permitted in a commercial trash compactor.

Full-Range Trash Compactor Services in Metro Detroit

One Source Waste Management provides comprehensive commercial trash compactor services. From determining if a compactor is the right fit for your business, to disposal and maintenance, our friendly team is available to assist with your compactor needs.

Once your business has determined that a commercial compactor is the right solution for your waste disposal, One Source Waste Management is able to help you find the right compactor for your location.

If you already have a compactor and are looking for a company to provide regular service, you have come to the right place! One Source Waste Management is committed to providing reliable service to meet your pick up scheduling needs.

Your one-stop full service trash compactor provider is also here to ensure your equipment is running properly and any issues that may arise are solved promptly with minimal downtime. Our experts are available to facilitate a site visit for both routine and unexpected maintenance needs.

We value our customers and your relationship above all else. That is why we are passionate about providing you with fair, transparent and competitive rates.

Whatever your commercial trash compactor needs: We can help! Call our friendly team today.

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For consistent service you can count on, call One Source Waste Management today. Our expert representatives will walk you through the best option for your front load container rental and provide all the details about our contracts. We believe in transparency and communication in our terms of service, and pricing. Get started today.



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